Welcome to Smilo Cycles

At Smilo we specilize in designing and manufacturing the electric chopper bikes. Not motorcycle, not normal bike, it is a vintage electric pedal chopper bike only, but you can ride as a motorcycle or normal bike. The Smilo chopper electric bikes are designed for adults, either for men or women.You all can find a right and suitable chopper electric bicycle to ride with the adjustable handlebar, big size seat and customizable max speed. No more crowded, no more traffics, but more fashionable, more attractive. Comfortable life, starting by Smilo electric chopper bicycles. 

With Smilo pedal chopper ebikes, you can ride to shuttle through the city,  going to work or attending a party; You can ride the Smilo electric choppers to travel at the countryside with your friends, breathing the fresh air and relaxing yourself; You can ride the Smilo pedal chopper bikes along the sea coast road, enjoying the sea breeze and beautiful scenery with your family.     

Our product range also covers the electric MTB, city, foldable bikes and trikes. They are sold domestically and internationally with better quality but affordable priceWe are open for business and look forward to serving you. We stand at the forefront of transportation design with no limitations. 

Riding Smilo Electric Choppers,  Be A Free Spirit.

    If you want to order Smilo electric bikes online, please visit our Alibaba store : https://smilomotors.en.alibaba.com